Sunday, January 12, 2014

Succinctly Yours - Dancing Princesses

Word of the week: erode

Is Practice Almost Over?

Millie had the pink tutu, ballet slippers and tights, but she was confounded by the jumping. Could her confidence erode any farther?
  (132)- Pat

Born to Play Basketball

Polished floor,
Dancers ready,
All the girls concentrate.
Minds are focused;
Legs are steady
Some jump early;
Some jump late.
(119) - Pat

Agony of de Feet

Beautiful ballet
Graceful but sore swollen feet
How about hula?
(61) - Pat

Proud, Not Forlorn
Are you sure this is how the ambassador Shirley Temple got her start? 
(69) - Jerry

Grandma's Goulash is hosting a microfiction meme called "Succinctly Yours," where you can write either a 140-character or 140-word micro-story based on the photo she posts and/or the word of the day, so you have plenty of room to be creative! Join the fun at Grandma's Goulash.


Jim said...

You did really good on using the prompt word, erode, on the first one. Stands to reason.

Jerry, Shirley Temple was my childhood sweetheart. I still have my Shirley Temple Scrapbook.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
OOH - that first one echoes my own TAKE... like it! ...and again Jerry brings the LOL. YAM xx

Tammy said...

You really captured that picture...over and over!

John (@bookdreamer) said...

So that's how to train ambassadors!

Grandmas Goulash said...

Another fine quartet. "Agony of de Feet" What a great title. Do I detect the influence of a Hawaiian cruise? I used to know all the lyrics to The Good Ship Lollipop, but I was a bit out of tune and not nearly as cute as Shirley. :D

Judy SheldonWalker said...

I used to love those Shirley Temple movies! Remember when she ran for president?