Saturday, February 19, 2011

A lesson on how to use a hands free soap dispenser

Last week after doing some errands in Placerville, my husband and I went to a restaurant which we frequent. We have our monthly Gideon dinner and breakfast meetings there. I went to the restroom and when I was washing my hands, I could not get any soap to come out of the hands-free foam soap dispenser. So I tried the other soap dispenser.

It looked something like this:
Still no luck. So I rinsed my hands, dried them off and left the restroom. I approached the manager, who was at the cash register at the time, and mentioned to him that both of the soap dispensers in the ladies' restroom were empty. He was surprised to hear that. What would the chances be of both dispensers being out at the same time?, he mused.

I returned to our table and resumed chatting with Jerry. After a few minutes, the manager, whom we know because we see him twice a month when we come for Gideon meetings, came into view and he was motioning to me to follow him. I might add here that the restaurant had very few people in it at the time because it was kind of late for lunch, but too early for dinner.

So I got up and followed him into the ladies restroom! He then showed me the correct way to make the foaming soap come out. I had been raising my hand, palm up, up and down, thinking that the dispenser would take action because of the motion of my hand. No, you have to raise your hand, palm up, to the dispenser and hold it there for several seconds, and then and only then will it give you some soap.

There are two sinks in the ladies restroom, so the manager and I stood there washing our hands side by side, getting soap from the dispensers successfully. I was thinking to myself, this is so weird and so funny that I am standing in a women's restroom washing my hands and there's a man standing next to me doing the same thing, after instructing me in how to use the soap dispenser.

I came back to our table, laughing a lot and recounted to Jerry my experience and soap-dispenser lesson in the restroom. He thought it was a bit odd, too.


Jo said...

Hi Pat, I love it! I can just picture you! I'd not have known either, and like you, I'd have spoken to the manager about it! love the post. Hope you'e having a wonderful weekend. We're off to Nairobi tomorrow morning. (((hugs))) Jo

trav4adventures said...

Ahhhh....NOW I know how to use those things!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Oh,I can see someone walking in at theta very moment.FUNNY.

Michelle said...

Too funny. But c'mon - when you wash your hands, you get rid of germs, right? So who cares if you have to touch a somewhat germy dispenser to get the soap out. SO don't get the touchless thing. But that's just me.

L.C.T. said...

That is really very very funny!

Ms.Daisy said...

I know what you mean...I was in the 30th St. train station when I first came upon those hands free dispensers and had to ask someone how to use it! LOL! I, too, would have questioned why a "couple" was in the ladies room! :)


Patrycja said...

5. I extremely love this story! It is very funny as well as quite instructive - now I know how to use a foam soap dispenser :) Apart from that I think that this is really practical and functional device, it is not only much more hygienic than ordinary bar of soup but also it is not making any mess or leave stains. It is also environmental friendly and effective solution. I would like to have such soap dispenser in my own bathroom.